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By STARK started in the summer of 2013, in Professional BBQ with the Twisted Brisket BBQ Team. After our first competition, I realized that I was just too tired to wash my cutting boards covered in chicken gick. Not only that, I wasn't so sure I'd sanitize them properly. I couldn't bare the thought of getting the judges, or the thousands of guests that we served sick. So I decided to find a better way, and STARK BOARDS were invented. I'm proud that they are manufactured, and all materials sourced 100% here in the USA. All of our products are FDA & USDA Food Grade, and 100% Recyclable. They also conserve water & chemical use, because there's no cleaning of your cutting boards, buckets, pans, or coolers - and we feel great about that. Especially here in Southern California where we often experience droughts. 

By STARK wants to take the mess, & cleanup out of your next social or professional food gathering. We believe that relationships around the table are more important than time at the kitchen sink doing dishes. We also want to take care of our environment and like that our products will help conserve water and chemical use, and ultimately end up being recycled into other great products.

We really appreciate your business, and wish you all the best!

Matthew Stark

Made In California        STARK, LLC.

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